Cusson Automotive: Propane Autogas Conversion and Service Provider

  • September 9th, 2020

Cusson Automotive Alternative Fuel Solutions has been servicing fleets in Southern New England and beyond for 27 years. Additionally, vehicle propane conversions for the past 8 years.

The past many years I have joined many automotive organizations to include my relationships in the autogas world. Some of the alternative fuel groups consist of; CT Alternative Fuel Coaltion, member of multiple Clean Cities organizations, the PGANE Autogas committee and more. Cusson Alternative Fuel Solutions has grown both in knowledge and abilities to service many makes and models of conversion equipment. We now represent such companies as ICOM North America with aftermarket Bi-Fuel and Mono fuel conversion kits. Roush Clean Tech products to include school bus warranty and service. Lastly, the new Prins design Bi-Fuel aftermarket conversion kits to include DI engines. All systems that we install are EPA approved kits only. We have even serviced older Clean Fuel vehicles. Whatever your fleet vehicle choices are class1 through class7 vehicles, we probably have an alternative fuel kit choice for you to operate on propane autogas.

Cusson Automotive
South Windsor, CT
(860) 289 -2389

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