Capitol Clean Cities of CT at Pride Travel Center’s Propane Event

  • September 15th, 2023

The Pride Travel Center in Connecticut became the first to offer renewable liquid propane gas, through a collaboration hosted by Capitol CleanCities of Connecticut, Hocon Gas, RayEnergy, PERC, and the Propane Gas Association of New England.

“Renewable liquid fuels will be an important factor in reducing transportation sector emissions in the next 30 years,” said CraigPeters, Executive Director of Capitol Clean Cities of Connecticut. 

This ultra-low emission, renewable fuel can significantly lower fleet emissions. It provides affordable, sustainable benefits compared to electrification. The Pride Center is leading the transition to clean transportation, and Hocon Gas President David Gable was recognized as a Green Transportation Champion for bringing renewable propane to Connecticut.

Follow this link for more about this event!

Craig Peters, Executive Director, and David Gable, President of Hocon Gas 

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