Lesson Learned: More Schools Turning to Propane Autogas to Power Their Fleets

  • July 10th, 2018

Want proof that propane autogas is the smart choice for a small- to mid-sized fleet hauling precious cargo? Look no further than the iconic yellow school buses of our nation’s public schools.

Since 2012, the registration of propane autogas vehicles to school bus fleets has risen more than 700 percent, according the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) – far more than any other fuel alternative. Registration of propane vehicles doubled in 2017 alone, says PERC.

Today, nearly one million students in school districts across the country get to school in a bus powered by autogas – a testament to the safety, reliability, cost effectiveness, and eco-performance of propane as a vehicle fuel.

Even more impressive is how many school bus fleet managers who make the switch to propane stay with it: according to 2017 IHS Polk school bus registration data, more than 57 percent of school districts with Type C propane autogas buses purchased additional buses – a marked contrast to the 17 percent of gasoline bus repeat buyers.

To learn more about propane-powered school buses, check out these Propane Education & Research Council links:


Source: https://www.hocongas.com/blog/lesson-learned-more-schools-turning-to-propane-autogas-to-power-their-fleets/

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