Propane Powered Buses for Connecticut Students

  • August 30th, 2016

IC Bus, a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar Inc., has announced that it will complete an order placed by Durham School Services for 149 CE Series school buses powered by the Power Solutions International (PSI) 8.8-liter LP propane engine to serve Waterbury Public Schools in Connecticut.

This order marks the largest deployment of propane powered school buses in the state of Connecticut thus far. The unique design of the CE Series with a PSI propane engine will perform just as well as a diesel engine while offering higher torque at lower engine speeds. The efficient design is also known for reducing noise, heat and vibrations associated with constant revving engines which will in turn reduce bus engine wear, oil usage, and maintenance.

Deliveries of new buses are scheduled to begin in June, 2016.

Read the full article here.

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