CT AAA Converting Truck Fleet To Propane

  • April 21st, 2016

An AAA club that services five Connecticut counties is making progress on converting its 28-truck fleet to run on propane instead of gasoline, which its fleet manager says will reduce emissions and save the club money.

AAA will be using aftermarket conversion kits on eight flatbeds and twenty Ford F-250s in Connecticut and the club hopes to complete the conversion on all 28 trucks by the end of 2017. The conversion kits being used are Icom JTG Propane Liquid Injection System kits which allow the trucks to run on either propane or regular gasoline. With both propane and gas, each trucks range will be extended to about 600 miles.

The conversion will cost about $10,000 per vehicle but after careful analysis the club has determined that the savings in maintenance and lower fuel cost will make the conversions well worth it in the long run.

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